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Welcome to the home of foot launched flying in Newcastle.

If you wish to become a registered user please create a new account with valid contact details.

We are a small not for profit club and we wish to encourage anyone with a desire to fly, to become a part of our community.

All applications will be vetted before approval.

Fly High and Fly Safe

July 2022 AGM

By admin | Wed, 03/08/2022 - 02:33

NHGC AGM        27/07/2022

Location:  Bar Beach Bowling Club

Attendees:  Adriaan Mulder, Kieran Black, Craig Hand, Gary Herman, Ian Ladyman, Glen Selmes, John Harriot, Craig Flanagan, Rob Larkin, Ken Harris, Don Gardner, Michael Wamsley, Harry Daniels, Brad Patfield, Dustin & Conner Hansen, Tony Barton, Kyle Boyd, Jamie Oorschot, Conrad Loten.

Zoom: Nobody

June22 Minutes

By admin | Sat, 02/07/2022 - 10:02

Newcastle Hang Gliding Club Meeting Minutes 29/06/2022

Location: Bar Beach Bowling Club.  Meeting commenced 730pm

Present: Adriaan Mulder, Al Giles, Ken Harris, Jamie Oorschot, Ian Ladyman, Harry Daniels, Kieran Black, JOD, Craig Flanagan, Craig Hand, Tony Barton

Zoom: John Harriot, Geoff Bednal, Royce Allenson, Brad Patfield


By admin | Mon, 30/05/2022 - 09:36

NHGC Meeting, Bar Beach Bowlo, 25/5/2022   meeting start 7:30pm

Attendees: Adriaan, Frans, Craig, Jamie, John Dingle, Ken Harris, Ward, Harry Daniels, JOD, Rod, Gary Herman, Andreas, Glen Selmes.

Zoom: Ian Ladyman, Royce, Patto

Apologies: Kieran, Billo, Craig Hand

Last Minutes accepted – Ken 1st, John Dingle 2nd



By admin | Sat, 14/05/2022 - 08:00

NHGC Minutes 27th April 2022

Bar Beach Bowlo Start 730PM

Present: Adriaan, Jamie, John Dingle, Billo, Shane Duncan, Rory Duncans, Harry Daniels, Craig, Craig Hand, Foxy, Ken Harris, JOD, Al Giles, Ward Gunn

Zoom: Brad Patfield, Dustin, Gary Herman

Apologies – Selmsy, John Harriot

Mar22 Minutes

By admin | Sun, 03/04/2022 - 22:41

NHGC Meeting 30/3/2022

Bar Beach Bowlo      Start: 7:45pm

Attendees:  Jamie Oorschot, Craig Hand, JOD, Ian Ladyman, Brad Patfield, John Dingle, Ken Harris, Andreas, Harry Daniels

Zoom Attendees:  John Harriot, Gary Herman, Alan McMillan, Royce Allenson

Apologies:  Adrian Mulder, Billo, Selmsy


By admin | Tue, 08/02/2022 - 09:45

NHGC Meeting 28/1/2022

Zoom only

Meeting start 7:30pm

Present: Adriaan Mulder, Jamie Oorschot, Brad Patfield, Ian Ladyman, Gary Herman, Harry Daniels, John Harriot, Craig Hand, Billo, Ken Harris, Allan McMillan

Apologies:  Hairy Karl, JOD, Don Gardner, Frans Henskens

Last Minutes – 1st John Harriot, 2nd Ian Ladyman


By admin | Mon, 27/12/2021 - 22:43

NHGC Meeting 24/11/2021

Zoom only.  Start 7:35pm

Present:  Adrian Mulder, Jamie Oorschot, Brad Patfield, Craig Hand, John Dingle, Andres, Royce, John Hariot, Ken Harris, Ian Ladyman

Last Minutes; 1st Brad, 2nd Craig


By admin | Sun, 31/10/2021 - 23:03

Newcastle Hang Gliding Club Meeting Minutes   27/10/2021, commenced 7:40pm.


Zoom Attendees:  Jamie Oorschot, Craig Hand, Royce Allenson, Kyle Boyd, Ian Ladyman, Andres, Ken Harris, Brad Patfield.

Apologies:  Adriaan Mulder (on another holiday!)

Last Minutes Accepted:  1st Ken Harris, 2nd Royce Allenson.