Welcome back spring!!! today Tony Ivan ( one of newcastles newest pilots) and myself set of to hunter look out after a slight stop of at airborne to pick up the new Rev 14.5 :-) so tony and i assessed the conditions and began to set up our gliders! Ivan made himself familiar with his gps ready for retrievals :-) Time to launch Tony being the gentleman he is helped me of! launched at the begining of a 5 min cycle and climbed to 2000ft over launch! Tony being Tony he some how climbed through me and led the way on glide! ( could have been the 14.5 he was on or experiance mabee even brilliance ) so off we went tracking towards the lake :) i thought my flight was going to be over not long after it began as i go low over carmels! Tony about 2000ft above me screaming at me! i wish i had a radio :-( Tony stuck with me like a captain of a sinking ship untill i finally had made that many bad decisions he had to go! Tony made the jump across the lake and umm and arrred as to weather he had the height to land at redhead , mean wile i finally made a corect dissision and found a really nice 400fpm climb on a foot hill wich i stayed with till i was at 3000ft then went on glide for my home town toronto :) ariving at toronto at 2400ft i found a thermal that was just enough to maintain as i drift over the lake to swansea! wile drifting i felt my phone ring in my pocket! Tony had decided to land at croudace bay on the waters edge :) perfect spot for landing :) also commenting on how nice the 14.5 was to land! by now i was at swansea at 2200ft so i went on glide towards redhead looking for the best landing spot! i found it at belmont :) (belmont park) i did a few passes and assessed the landing looking for any hazzards :) i came in to a very nice smooth landing -) first time across the lake second flight back in the country you have got to love hang gliding!! :-)))))