The NHGC has been the nucleus of our foot launched community for many years.

We represent the original Hang Gliding community of this town and greater area.

Hang Gliding (in Australia) started with John Dickenson and was further developed by Bill Moyes. John an engineer from Grafton developed the first hang glider (1963) and was recognised by the FAI with a Gold Air Medal for his involvement.

Bill Moyes was friends with Kevin Duncan, from Newcastle, through the barefoot water skiing sport and introduced the Hang Glider to him. Kevin taught his sons Shane, Rick and Russell who all became highly proficient in the sport of Hang Gliding. In fact Rick became world champion in 1988.

Our club was home to a lot of excitement in the early years and the Duncan family played a large part in this.

Other notable members who were and are part of our sport include people like Chris Macdonald (whom we sadly lost to the dreaded "C"), Al Giles ("Dr Death") , Bill Olive ("The Goat") and Paul Kennedy ("PK"). This group explored the "Morning Glory Wave" as the first participants of our sport to do so.

To this day the club sees involvement from many of the original members but has enjoyed the influx of a lot of new "blood", in large part due to the efforts of our local, world class instructor Tony Barton.

We have moved with the times and have formed working relationships with NPWS and Newcastle Council.

We are here to assist our members to fly safely and as free as a bird.

Fly high , Fly Safe