By adamp | Sun, 17/08/2014 - 02:55

Hi all,

The new xc site, Hooley Dooley, is in the final stages of preparation. It is in military airspace so the leg work and subsequent approval for HG/PG use is no mean feat. Neil Bright from NPGC and Swifty are to take all credit here. This site, by all reports, may potentially rival Manilla so having it relatively close to our neck of the woods in an era when launch/landing access is becoming a rare commodity needs to be protected. Everyone flying Hooley Dooley need to observe site regulations. vhf radio use and vhf radio endorsement are mandatory for every pilot using the RAAF airspace approved for the site. Because we're on RAAF approval only one infraction will shut the place down. We've been warned.

A course for vhf use is being held by Andrew Polidano on 13th September, Hexam bowling club, 9:30am. Call/text Neil Bright to book in 0412689067. initial fee is $50 with a $25 refund from HGFA post.

Looking forward to this site. Sounds epic!