By admin | Thu, 30/09/2021 - 23:55

Hi All

John Harriott has been in contact with Glenn from NSW Office of Environment, Energy and Science, who is responsible for Catherine Hill Bay T.O area.

Glenn responded as follows,

  • Thanks for the email and good to hear from you – yep definitely crazy times. The temporary closure of the Lot 7 car park was in response to the  deteriorating condition of the access road and turn around area , in particular the crater size hole at the entry, and it was generating regular public complaints. As this area is within the State Heritage listed cultural precinct, any work required approval from Heritage NSW. This has taken some time as it required comprehensive assessments of cultural and environmental assessment as part of the application to undertake work. The good news is we received the approval to proceed last week with conditions and I am now speaking with our Area Manager about funding and resources to get the work done. That may depend on staff and machinery availability, or Steve may give the nod for the work to be outsourced to a contractor that qualifies under Heritage NSW requirements.
  • There is considerable interest in re opening so I am hoping sooner rather than later as it has been closed for longer than I envisaged. I will keep you up to date with progress with this and I am conscious of the hang gliders needs as stakeholders of the site.
  • Best regards
  • Glenn

So it looks like we will have restored access in the not to distant future.