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John Harriott Writes:

Aero-tow dates for Yarrawa now 6th and 7th November 2021

Hi Pilots we have an early-season opportunity for free flyers to brush up on aero tow and XC techniques in the Upper Hunter Valley

At this stage it looks like regional travel will be allowed in NSW subject to achieving the 80% vaccination milestone. To travel to regions  you will need to be double vaccinated.

Getting this part of our amazing sport right makes for a much more enjoyable summer and the confidence you can tow/land well significantly improves your cross country potential.

Intending free flying pilots require current aero tow endorsement and tow equipment/bridle/hook knife.

Up to three Trike tugs and dollies will be available based on attending numbers.

Each pilot will be responsible to pay the Tug Pilots their own aero tow costs at A$15 per tow under 2500ft/$20 over. Please bring cash.

Venue and accommodation

Three hours north of Sydney and two from Gosford the site is a privately owned triple airstrip in Yarrawa in the upper Hunter valley that is flown by Newcastle Hang Gliding Club pilots regularly all year. Three airstrips are available and our highly experienced tug pilots Peter and Ian live on site at adjacent properties.

Yarrawa has significant cross country potential and pilots have flown West, North and back to the Coast from this airfield.

Our generous hosts Peter and Christine Marheine have agreed to permit camping at the property. The NSWHPA has funded the construction of a new amenities block adjacent to the hanger. Please contribute $10 per night directly to the Marheines who provide the entire facility out of passion for the sport.

The town of Denman is 15 minutes’ drive with the usual small town accommodation and amenities – yes pubs!

There is a great social scene at the airstrip hangar after flying …come and join in.

Next step

For free flyers please let John know you are coming for logistics, venue detail and go/no go based on weather.

You can use the link below to register your interest, an email will be sent to John Harriott automatically.:

Go/No Go

An email will be sent to all registered pilots on Thursday 4 November with weather update and go/no go decision.

Any questions  please call

Look forward to flying with you

John Harriott 0412442705 /


Kind regards


Picture below is a reminder of some of the fun had at Yarrawa, Pete and Chris' in the past

stingfest 08