By admin | Wed, 04/08/2021 - 02:34

Hi All

Johnboy has sent the following

  • Hey folks, I have good news and what I would also call good news, but a word of caution...
  • firstly, great to see the first decent seabreeze of the up coming season kicking in this arvo. Was totally flyable at Bombala for most of the arvo, as proven by the PG pilots astute enough to take advantage of it...
  • the other news...several weeks ago I met with Council to discuss the ongoing issues with vegetation getting out of hand at Dickson Park. Several of us pruned back the vegetation after seeking the blessing of Merewether Landcare, who we believed were the sole caretakers of that area.
  • Council has since informed me that they had no right to authorise anything!. Council understands we tried to go through the right channels and so has chosen to talk with us rather than fine anyone, which they could have easily done.
  • The result is that they wish for any further work to be carried out by Council, NOT US.
  • They have agreed to maintain the vegetation in the area we cleared down to 500mm( below the height of the middle fence rail), and I have agreed to give them a month's notice should we believe it needs attention.

So there you have it, Johnboy being one of the rate paying locals there will keep them honest, thanks mate